Provision of software α-phe RCM, α-phe SIL, α-phe Gateway for SAP Integration for Transmission Gas Pipelines and Stations in Indonesia – Phase 2

With completion of α-phe AIMS , α-phe RBI , α-phe PIMS implementation in year 2021, our client who has focus in midstream and downstream sectors of the Indonesian gas industry has decided to purchase Ankaa Consulting’s α-phe RCM , α-phe SIL and α-phe Gateway Integration for SAP and has just awarded the Phase 2 contract in August 2022.  Our client is continuously developing its business by developing new gas transmission pipelines, new household gas networks and other gas facility projects throughout Indonesia to ensure domestic energy supply needs. The pipeline network is spread in 6 regions in Indonesia and covering around 6000KM.

In last year, Ankaa Consulting has implemented a complete Asset Integrity Management framework for Stations and Pipeline Integrity Management system for the pipeline network. This includes;

  1. Asset Hierarchy / Management
  2. Preventative Maintenance planning
  3. Work Pack and Scope Management
  4. Inspection Reporting
  5. Anomaly Management
  6. Monitored Data (Wall Thickness)
  7. Risk Based Inspection (RBI) for Stations
  8. Pipeline Integrity (PIMS)
  9. Pipeline in MAPs
  10. Pipeline monitored inspection data and trending graphs
  11. Risk Based Inspection (RBI) for Onshore and Offshore Pipelines
  12. Dashboards
  13. Reporting’s

With this award, Ankaa Consulting is deploying its α-phe RCM, α-phe SIL and α-phe Gateway Integration for SAP solutions. This will be a Holistic Asset Integrity and Reliability Solution deployed using α-phe platform which will bring high visibility of Asset Health to all stakeholders including the upper management through a comprehensive dashboard. α-phe platform enables our client in the path of digitizing, digitalization and digital transformation of integrity and reliability management.

α-phe is able to be deployed rapidly due to its platform capability to adopt client process and workflow quickly and also due to several readily available modules to use like RBI, PIMS, SIMS, FFS, RCM, SIL, BARRIER MANAGEMENT which are built using the international codes and standards.

α-phe AIMS platform is a modern and comprehensive cloud / web based Asset Integrity Management software platform. You can prototype, build, test and deploy your bespoke solutions in lightening speed.

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Project Description

To Implement α-phe RCM, α-phe SIL and α-phe Gateway Integration using α-phe Platform and Produce overall Asset Health for all Equipment Types.

Project Details
  • Client: Pipeline Transmission Company in Indonesia
  • Date: 08/2022