Structural Integrity Management (SIM)

The publication of API RP2SIM in November 2014 after many years in draft has helped to progress SIM for fixed offshore structures to a new level.

For the first time, API identified that risk based approaches to inspection planning were acceptable for offshore structures. In addition to this, the code also allows for the use alternative methods from diver NDT for subsea inspection providing that the jacket structures can be demonstrated to be sufficiently robust.

The combination of these two factors alone has the potential for significant costs savings for subsea inspection with increased intervals for lower risk platforms and elimination of DSV and diver costs from the majority of planned inspections. The reduced use of diver inspection also significantly reduces risk as diver operations can be regarded as some of the most hazardous experienced in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Ankaa Consulting offers comprehensive SIM services including:

  • Development of SIMS strategies (Topsides and Subsea)
  • Risk Based Inspection Programs (Topsides and Subsea)
  • Development of Structural Performance Standards
  • Damage / Anomaly Assessment
  • Interface with Inspection Contractors
  • Emergency Response
  • Structural Life Extension Studies